It’s Time to Shine This Summer With Dresses and Sarees


Winter is giving way to summer as the climate shifts. While dressing for the warm weather can be fun, keeping cool in the heat while following the latest fashion trends can be quite challenging. But worry not, most businesses are already adding women's designer summer dress and summer sarees to their inventory. You can find some stunning pieces in designer collections by Paya SInghal, Wendell Rodricks, Puro Cosa and more, so make sure you head on over there for the best dresses and sarees.

Flaunt your style in Summer dresses

Warm days are coming, so it's crucial to stay cool and comfortable. Summer dresses are the ideal choice, being both breezy and stylish.This is the time for wearing breathable fabrics such as khadi, linen, cotton, and others. 

When it comes to summer dresses, there’s so many options to play around with. When you look at colours, it’s best to opt for light shades, which is the best for keeping you cool. Yellow, white and light blue are great for relaxing the summer sun, or to throw on for a lunch out with friends.

Short dresses are great for the summer, with kaftan and wrap dresses being the most ideal. You can also opt for asymmetrical or high-low dresses for a more interesting silhouette. Strappy or one shoulder dresses look chic, while drawing the eye to a unique neckline.

Prints and patterns are also fun additions to a summer dress. Colour blocked, patchwork and embroidered dresses can create a unique look. They can also be elaborately decorated with borders, lace, sequins, pompoms, or other embellishments. You can even throw on a belt, a cute hat and some fun glasses to complete the look.

Your Closet Needs Summer Sarees

And why limit yourself to dresses when there are a variety of summer sarees online?

Sarees are considered to be archaic or, whereas dresses fit in the modern tabular classification of garments. Don’t worry; this will clear the air of misconceptions. 

Summer sarees are made out of cotton, silk, or chiffon fabric and usually have colourful designs printed on them. Indian summer days can be quite hot, so wearing a light weight summer saree will make you feel comfortable even when temperatures soar high. Permeable, lightweight, and gentle fabric is what makes these sarees a useful, cosy, and practical option when the sun tans the bodies during this warm season.

They come in many different lengths to ensure that everyone can find the perfect one for their body shape and height. The issue of wearing sarees to casual events is also eliminated by fun prints and patterns. Vibrant colours like fuschia and orange, are ideal for summer evening tea parties, birthday parties, and more!

Summer sarees are often paired with sandals or low heeled pumps to complete your look for any special occasion. Whether you're planning a wedding ceremony or just want to wear something beautiful during this busy season, Indian summer sarees should definitely be at the top of your list!

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