Top 7 Reasons to Use PDF Instead of Word


There area unit several document formats living however Word and PDF appears to be the foremost wide used. However, heaps of individuals raise the higher document format between Word and PDF. The infographic created by PDFelement below examines the 2 documents formats and offers reasons why it's higher to use PDF rather than word.

The reasons given according the infographic below area unit well researched and backed by correct knowledge and facts that reflects the variations. for example PDFs area unit universal and this implies that you simply will truly use it on all platforms whether or not mack, Windows, iOS or humanoid not like Word which will not work well on mack systems. Another necessary thought in PDF is that it's secured because it incorporates a secret protection choice that ensures that documents area unit safe. this can be why PDF document formats area unit wide employed by organizations together with the inner Revenue Service(IRS) of the us for legal document forms.

PDF document format little doubt is way far better than Word as a result of it's versatile. for example, you'll be able to simply convert alternative document formats to PDF and contrariwise and this can be straightforward to try and do with the correct platform like PDFelement. alternative necessary reasons highlighted on this infographic embody decrease in file size you get once exploitation PDF while not having to sacrifice the standard of those documents and this can be an enormous and.

Let's undergo the content and see that one works higher for you.

1.PDF area unit Universal: Ms Word is employed to author document before changing to PDF. not like PDFs which may be simply transmitted while not losing it original vogue, Ms Word loses writing and format vogue once transferred from mack to portable computer or humanoid devices. MS Word conjointly loses authors’ vogue once opened on totally different MS version. PDF can look an equivalent, regardless of the PDF version or devices employed in accessing it.  Also there are line tools available to convert from Word to PDF if you have don’t have option..

2.Security: Businesses round the world faces many cyber-attacks daily, thereby exposing their confidential document to high risk, particularly in our digitalized world. MS word document area unit sometimes at a high security risk because of its inability to shield itself from intruders. computer code like PDFelement has very good security live wherever users will defend their PDF with secret, creating it more durable to outsiders to look at document while not clearance. several legal and business professionals trust PDF to shield their files without concern regarding cyber security. With the PDF format, {you will|you'll|you'll be able to} secure your documents in order that nobody can amendment it content while not your consent. in line with, for Associate in Nursing electronic document to be admitted in court of law, it should be created {in a|during a|in Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} file format while not going away an electronic footprints. PDF format satisfy the condition.

3.Easy to Create: MS Word, Excel, wall plug or the other document are often simply to PDF format file. PDF computer code like PDFelement has created it straightforward for users to convert PDF into Ms Word or the other format you need.

4.Decreases File Size: PDF is thought for quality owing to the power to convert any file into PDF while not losing quality. changing alternative file sort to PDF can facilitate scale back file size, whereas supplying you with its glorious price in merging document of varied format. you'll be able to convert Ms Word, excel, image, and wall plug presentation to one PDF.

5.Interactive Documents: PDFelement Premium version can allow you to add some superb options like hyperlinks, rich media, music, etc. to your PDF while not having to convert back to MS Word. PDF files is printer friendly. It helps you to print the precise content anyplace within the world.

6.Mobile Access: not like alternative document format, PDF offers you an equivalent expertise once accessing document on a mobile device or desktop

7.Searchability: PDF will act sort of a web content, you'll be able to have bookmarks, intra-document hyperlinks, and straightforward accessibility on internet. It can even open on-line while not the requirement to transfer.

MS word is just most well-liked to PDF once making a document as PDF computer code currently have MS word ability to edit while not the requirement to convert. PDF is clearly the simplest alternative once sending instrument like E-book, Invoice, written document, memos etc.

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