Explore Some Expert Marketing Tips to Boost Your Home Services Business

The home services sector is experiencing fierce competition, and you need to use the best weapon in your arsenal to forge ahead of the rest. Today, because of rapid urbanization, there is a growing demand for home services such as plumbing, landscaping, appliance repair, pest control, moving, or lawn care services. The home services industry relies on trust value and word-of-mouth. Hence, home services marketing experts firmly believe that the chief objective of your digital marketing stratagem should be to concentrate on building trust and highlighting your goodwill to build a robust online brand. 

According to Divestopedia, you cannot build business value solely by accumulating tangible assets like machinery and equipment. You need to also focus on the intangibles like goodwill and reputation to contribute to your business’s profitability. Let us explore some effective marketing tips to boost your home services business.

Build a Mobile-Friendly & Responsive Website

Homeowners are always eager to verify your credibility, professionalism, and authenticity. As such, they will visit your website and browse through it to find more information about your home services business. You should greet and welcome them with a mobile-friendly, responsive, intuitive, and easily navigable site. The landing page should solicit visitor data, and visitors should be able to seamlessly navigate to your past work and different home services. Your site should load within just 3 seconds to avoid high bounce rates. A good website should have a webpage dedicated separately to your contact information and location for smooth communication.

Create a Robust Online Brand Presence

First of all, focus your attention on creating your ‘Google My Business account. Create your business profile that may contain vital information such as business name, phone number, location, business hours, etc. Most clients are looking for a local home service provider as home services involve mostly minor repairs, and at times, major revamps. You should insert an accurate listing on your Google My Business profile. Once you gain more popularity with frequent searches or good reviews, you will get the opportunity to feature in top search results more often. A specialized home services marketing agency can help you with novel marketing tips to take your business to the next level.

Consider Investing In Local SEO

Search engines are frequently encountering phrases such as, ‘plumber near me’ or ‘AC repair near me’, etc. It is critical for your home services business to have a brand presence in the local search results. Your specialized home services business marketing should focus on boosting local SEO. It is an effective way of appearing in search results once potential customers are typing phrases to find reliable services in your locality. Local SEO is nothing but optimizing your business website for local searches. You may need to incorporate location-specific keywords, and optimizing your website content for relevant keywords for your business, and manage seamlessly offsite local listings. 


Follow the above-discussed tips and be active on all your social media platforms for engaging and interacting actively with your target audience and conducting effective customer relationship management. Social media posts should focus on topics like home service tricks, tips, and DIY dictates to establish robust brand authority and demonstrate your sound knowledge and extensive experience in the home services industry.

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