Significance of critical thinking for students

The field of education has evolved dramatically in the last ten years. Upcoming generations are a part of school administration which have become advanced in terms of introducing course selling website , online education, andragogy learning and self- paced learning. As the globe continues to face new difficulties, particularly as a result of COVID-19, critical thinking abilities have traditionally been emphasised and applied by instructors in the education system.

Critical thinking includes the capacity to think, evaluate, and assess a problem or a concept objectively in order to generate an informed view. Critical thinkers don't simply accept the status quo; instead, they build their own informed judgments based on good data and arguments. They depend on their capacity to think critically and independently. In a various education approach, students are taught how to think rather than what to think, which in turn improves student's critical reasoning skills.

Here are a few of reasons why pupils in today's world require critical thinking abilities.

1. Increasing curiosity and imagination

A learner who is taught to think critically develops an insatiable interest about what is going on around him or her. Students that have a deep and natural sense of curiosity would like to examine and digest knowledge and events. They generate their own educated concepts, most of which are novel and creative, that in turn boosts their imagination. All thinkers will experiment with creativity in their work and personal lives. They will generally be able to somehow get their imagination going while looking for information in a reasonable and systematic manner.

2. Encouraging self-awareness and reflection

Self-disciplined, self- regulating, and self-improving thinking are the foundations of critical thinking. When someone thinks critically, they do so on their own time. There is an actual internalisation of the problem at hand, as well as a thorough comprehension of it. Critical thinking is at the heart of learning because it allows students to reflect on and comprehend their own perspectives. Depending on individualized observation and knowledge, this skill assists a student in figuring out how to understand the world and different processes happening into it.

 It instils self-assurance and confidence in students because they understand that the result is the consequence of a cognitive process that generates results. Students acquire the ability and confidence to learn and grow, which are important in both their work and personal life.

3. Improving job prospects

Critical thinking isn't just for students in the classroom. Following COVID-19, the new industry places a high emphasis on a flexible work schedule and employees' capacity to analyse data from a variety of channels and think outside the box. In a fast-changing company, a person with good critical reasoning ability would be valued.

4. Fostering problem-solving process

The ability to process and examine issues in a productive and creative manner is one of the by-products of critical reasoning skills. So you do not have to separately take the help of platform to sell courses online to learn about problem solving . It always compels the  individual to think critically. When making reasonable judgments to solve a problem, a skilled thinker will be careful to differentiate between facts, ideas, and imagination and evaluate the topic from all sides. They would also be able to come up with problem-solving methods that are unbiased, which is important to remember in the workplace. As global issues such as global warming, deforestation, and epidemics or pandemics persist to afflict the world, today's youth - who will be tomorrow's managers – will be required to lead the way in discovering effective answers. Critical thinkers are the ones who will come up with innovative and long-term solutions.

5. Developing a variety of life skills

Critical thinking promotes a variety of life skills, including organizing, planning, mentoring, and collaboration. Critical thinking, as a life skill, allows us to take on problems in both the professional and personal realms with ease. It fosters self-assurance and independence, resulting in wonderful careers. Critical thinkers would be able to learn from their mistakes and increase their productivity in all areas of their lives.

As the education system is taking on new forms in a society ravaged by a COVID- 19 pandemic, it is vital for students to develop critical thinking skills that will enable them for the future. 

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