Using Window Decal To Open Newer Avenues Of Business Promotions


Window Decal

A new business is always on the lookout for greater visibility and brand awareness among its client base. At the start of a business there is not much of a client base available, hence adequate promotions are needed to make this happen. There are several affordable and cost-effective options available for promotions and publicity that you can avail and one of these is a decal. 

Are Decals Worth The Hype

These are known as a window decal; they look like a sticker that has self-adhesive strips which makes easy to apply to a surface. These are full color graphic designs that are extremely attractive and eye catching. Bringing these to the notice of onlookers and other people is very easy. There are other advantages too like a durable and budget friendly promotional tool.

Cost And Expenses

One of the main advantages of window decals is their budget friendly pricing. Talk to any decal printing company in your region and you will almost instantly be amazed at the variety of designs and patterns along with attractive color combinations that are available for your requirement. The price quotes usually include designing, packaging and delivery of the finished product to your address. 

Using Decals On Vehicles

You can use window decals on cars and other vehicles that instantly becomes round the clock advertising machinery. These stickers are carrying your brand name and contact details on car and other vehicle windows wherever they go.  

Using Decals On Your Shop Windows

Using window decals are very easy. There are application liquids included in the packaging with which you can clean the surface and paste the decals on the glass doors and windows. Because window decals are made with weather resistant materials, they are water proof and resistant to excessive temperature changes on the outside. 

There are different kinds of window decals available; some are single sided which means it is visible in its design on one side while on the other side of the glass remains normally transparent for people to see from that side. There are others which are double sided. There are patterns on both sides of the glass surface that is affixed. Designs can be the same for both sides or different on each side – choice will be yours. 

How To Make Unique Window Decals 

Window decals come in vinyl material and are usually a thick sticker which is capable of sticking to any smooth surface ranging from plastic, wood, stone to glass of course.  The adhesive layering is done in a way that makes them easy to apply – all you have to do is place them and apply, that’s it, you are done. The decal keeps sticking to that surface for the longest time. 

The next important point to notes is the use of colors. These are made attractive simply because of the eye-catching range of natural dyes and ink used in the printing process. 3d imaging and use of shadow effect can bring about amazing results with your branding with company name and logo.

Also noteworthy is the available options with various shapes of the decals that can be made. There are various shapes available like a square, rectangle, and oval or round that you can choose from that suits the promotional details appropriately.

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