12 Dumb Mistakes That’ll Tank Your Vaziri Law Group Business


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So what happens when you’re in a meeting with a client and you come up with the most creative idea? You decide to tell them how you want to have the meeting, and guess what? They’ll say “no problem, we’ll give you a written contract” and sign it. If you’re a lawyer, this is exactly what happens.

No lawyer in the room has ever said “no problem.” The only time this has ever happened was when a client was in trouble and they asked the lawyer to write down the contract, and he wrote down what he thought the client should do.

Of course that was one of the reasons why these contracts are such a pain to negotiate.

Every time you ask a client to sign a contract, the lawyer has to do some sort of research on their case and write down some sort of legal rationale to support the words they’ve written down. That’s a lot more work than it’s worth. It’s also less likely to be fair.

If you’re a real person, your lawyer can usually just write some sort of contract with a client.

vaziri law group

That would be fine. But the contract is not that good.

One of the most common ways that contracts are written is to use a word that doesn’t exist in legal English. For example, “reasonable” and “not unreasonable” have been used interchangeably for a long time, but “not unreasonable” is a new word that has been added to the lexicon. It’s really not that hard to figure out what it means, but it’s often used incorrectly.

The word “not” is a contraction of “not not” and “not” is a contraction of “not”. If your contract says “You don’t have to pay us until you do” and you try to say that “not” is a contraction of “not not,” you’re going to get a hell of a time in court.

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