15 Hilarious Tweets About Psycho in Law

Psycho in Law

I’ve been a fan of Psycho over the years, and have often wondered how it would be if John Travolta took on a role as a serial killer in a popular American film. But what if he was the star? Well, the idea is pretty wild. Just check out the following Tweets. You’ll get a chuckle or two in the process. And if you’re not in a social situation, just imagine that John Travolta might turn into John Travolta over the course of the movie.

I wrote that because I was thinking about the possibility of a Psycho reboot and I wanted to see what would happen if he did take on the role of John Travolta. I really like the idea of Psycho going the way of a big star and being taken to the big screen. I mean, it’s a dream come true for fans of the original, but I’m not sure that it would work.

I mean, sure it’d be fun to see Travolta back on screen, but I’m not sure that it would work in the same way.

I’m not sure if his character would be able to handle the attention and focus that a Psycho reboot would require. And I don’t really think that the studio would want to push its budget like that.

I actually don’t care about Psycho, but I do think that the concept of Psycophant would work. I mean, the idea of a psycho-psychopath, if it works, could be really interesting. And if I were an artist, I would want to be part of the creative team that brought that concept to life.

Psycophants are a pretty important part of the sci-fi/horror sub-genre, so I don’t think I’d want to work on a project that would bring back that idea too. I would have to think about what the character would be like in that world, and I’m not sure I’d want to bring back a character who was essentially an evil version of myself.

Psycho in Law

I think I’d like to work on a project that would bring back that idea, but only if it involved a character who was a bit more sympathetic in some ways.

My favorite psycophants are the ones who are just as good as the real thing but have a bit of weirdness to them. And of course there are always the ones who get away with things that make no sense.

The reason for this is because the game offers you the opportunity to work on the character and what exactly he does, and I think what he does is very, very hard to do. My character, Ipso, is the first psychic on Deathloop. He's a young man who was raised by aliens and then became a detective. He's a little bit of a freak in the way he thinks, which I think is a good thing. He's got a cool power, but I think it's the weirdness that makes him interesting.

That's kind of the point of the character. Ipso is the kind of guy who doesn't know how to do anything. I mean, he's not a mechanic. He doesn't know how to pick up the car, but I think he's pretty good at it. He's good at that because he's good at anything that makes no sense.

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