7 Dumb Mistakes That’ll Tank Your Jj Flannigan Law Business

jj flannigan law

The bottom line is that you can’t control your actions. You can’t make them go the way you want them to. You can’t control the way other people think or how they act. And in fact, it’s impossible to control the way other people act, either.

The only way to control your actions, is to control the way you think about them .

Here’s another thing that gets in the way of thinking you can control your actions. The people on your “team”. They think about you, they feel about you, they talk about you… and they think, “We can do this. In life, you get what you give. If you give your employees a lot of freedom, then they will give back to you in the form of a team that is able to accomplish more, faster, smarter, and with less hassle. If you give your employees too much structure, then they will resent it and rebel against it. If you give your employees too little structure, then they will be unproductive and unmotivated.

jj flannigan law

There are a couple of cases where the wrong structure is a bad way to run a team .

It was probably the reason that the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars were so dysfunctional. The coaching staff wanted to have a lot of structure and structure was how they did it. But that structure wasn’t the way that they should have run their team. Instead of a lot of structure, they should have had a lot of freedom.

Now it's fun to know that you can actually train your employees to do better and be more productive. The Jj Flannigan Law Firm teaches you how to train your employees to do better, work more efficiently, and be more motivated. The seven dumb mistakes that will tank your Jj Flannigan Law business is a great resource guide to teach you how to manage your employees.

In the Jj Flannigan law firm, you run your own small law practice .

As the new owner of your own law office, you must make sure the employees are motivated, the finances are in order, and you never miss a deadline. The seven dumb mistakes that will tank your Jj Flannigan law business are a great resource guide to teach you how to manage and train your employees. The first and most obvious mistake is to try to be too perfect. If an employee doesn’t see the value in his or her job or if they feel like they’re taking more than their share of the company’s payroll. If an employee thinks their work or time is being wasted, they’ll be more likely to quit. The second mistake is to think that you are entitled to all the money. The truth is that you are not. You are not entitled to have all of your money and a fancy house. You work hard, and if the business is good enough for you, you should get paid. If you are not getting paid you need to step up and get paid, and this will change your attitude.

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