8 Unforgivable Law School Newbie Mistakes Everyone Makes


law school newbie

The other day I was on the bus to go to class and I was talking to my friend about my new plan for the day versus my current one. We were talking about how I was going to go somewhere and get my hair brushed and then go to class. As I was saying this, I was thinking about how I would never get my hair brushed.

All the times I have been on the bus all day, I have never had to brush my hair.

I'm all for getting a nice haircut in the morning. I'm just saying we should have gotten a nice one for the day. We're already in class. And you know what? I have never had to brush my hair. That is a pretty important detail to remember.

The best way to learn the law is to go to law school. It's one of those things that seems, no matter how hard you try, to be impossible. We all get confused over it, we all get stuck trying to figure it out, and even if we do figure it out we might still have a few things we didn't get right. There is no "right way" to learn law. It is a fact that your state of law education varies from state to state.

There are only two right ways to learn law: by going to law school, or by learning about it from the book, or by reading a few law blogs.

The good news is that most of the mistakes you make in law school are the result of taking a wrong approach. So I am going to give you some advice on how to avoid the eight mistakes that make you look like a law school newbie. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

The first mistake is to think you know what you are doing in law school. You do not. It is a fact that you are not going to know everything in law school, and you will not know the correct answers to most questions. Your most important job is to learn from the mistakes you make. It is also a fact that most people who think they know everything about law school are wrong. So you have to take advantage of the opportunities presented by your mistakes to learn from them.

law school newbie

First mistake: getting your ass kicked in law school.

But by the second mistake, law school is like a drug. You will find out how good it is, but you will also feel like you've been hooked on it. You will find out how bad it is, but you will also feel like you're getting high on it. You will find out how much you don't know, but you will also feel like you know everything.

I'm going to be really good to you, and I will not give you any advice. I will not give you any real advice. I will not tell you what to do. I will give you the tools I have to help you. And if you do something you regret, I will not be a part of it.

In law school, you will fail. And you will be incredibly angry that you have failed. And you will be extremely afraid that you will fail again. And you will spend a lot of time apologizing and crying. And you won't be able to stop yourself from thinking about the fact that you failed. And you won't be able to stop yourself from thinking about how bad it was. And you will continue to try to get better, and you will continue to fail hard.

The problem with law school is that you have to fail at it.

The very thought of failing is like a death sentence. It will be the biggest moment you’ve ever experienced in your life, and you will feel a little bit like you’ve just died. But you will be filled with regret, and no matter how hard you try to fix it, you’ll fail again and again. At least this is what I’ve read.

This is one of those things that you will remember, but that you will never be able to fix. Even if you did manage to get through the process, and even if you managed to pass all your classes, you would still need to go to law school, and law school is where you will fail again and again.

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