13 Bizarre Geraci Law Facts You Need to Know


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If you have been following Geraci Law for any length of time, you probably know what some of the big buzz terms are. If you have not, here are 13 Bizarre Geraci Law Facts You Need to Know.

1. Geraci Law does not allow for the use of any types of self-harm devices unless approved by a judge.

However, it does allow people to buy a "Geraci Dog" to keep in their house to make sure they don't accidentally cause more damage.

The Geraci Law is a very restrictive law that is very specific in its requirements. This means that people that have never made a mistake and been caught in the act of self harm are not allowed to get a free pass. Only people who have already been convicted of a crime and are currently serving time can use Geraci Law, and these people are known as "offenders" or "prisoners.

Geraci Dog is an anti-dog law that is very difficult to explain to your dog .

After asking my dog what the Geraci Law was, he said it was basically like a traffic ticket: you don't know what you're going to be charged with, so you have to keep your mouth shut about it. It's unclear whether the Geraci Law applies to cats, dogs, or any other breed that has a collar or a dog tag.

Geraci Law states that an offender can’t be in public without their dog. This is why you would never see a convicted criminal with a Geraci Dog, because if you saw one you would know they werent committing a crime. If you see someone with a Geraci Dog, you know they are committing a crime.

geraci dog

This law, commonly known as the Geraci Law, was passed in 2000 by a committee of dog owners .

Its stated purpose was to ensure that crimes against innocent pets are not reported. It states that pets can be charged with a crime if they are caught in public without their owners. One of the arguments for the law is that it ensures that “bad apples” don’t commit crimes, thereby protecting innocent pets.

The Geraci Law has been around for a while, so it's not a big leap to see why it was passed. In my opinion, this law has allowed bad apples to get away with a lot of their crimes. One of the most notable and infamous were the serial bad apple Geraci Dog burglars. The dogs were known to run off at night and steal small children's cars.

They also were known to kill and torture helpless owners .

The Geraci Law started in California in 1993 when the California Board of Trial Attorneys determined that certain crimes were so heinous that they could not be prosecuted with the evidence available at the time. The law required that all crimes be tried in court. This gave prosecutors the ability to prosecute only what they deemed to be heinous crimes, such as home invasion and child abduction. Since the crimes were so heinous, the law was passed.

You may not have heard about the Geraci Law, but you've likely read about a local sheriff's use of it while dealing with a murder suspect that turned out to be mentally ill. A local sheriff had recently found evidence that the suspect was mentally ill and decided to send him to a psych hospital for treatment instead.

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